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Drinking wine and planning our Ireland trip with the family (July is going to rock!).

Kids running crazy with their cousins. Good times.

Hey, speaking of … any Irish folks with suggestions for must-see destinations while we’re there?

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pieofthelord asked: Hi ! I am taking a break from homework, and I tried to re-write a poem we are studying, making it about Mormor, but there's two words I just can't pick correctly. Would you mind giving me a hand ? :)

Sure! I’m happy to see what I can do.

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i-will-not-be-caged asked: How was your flight?

It went as well as can be expected. The kids slept a little and I felt a bit sick but didn’t throw up, so win! I ended up staying up way too late drinking with the brother and sister-in-law, and of course the kids woke up at 5am. But hubs took them and let me sleep a few more hours. Watching my kids play with their cousins now and it’s fab. :)